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Friday, June 26, 2020

Do you love MC Romance? Well, take a look at this...

Kraken (Hades Abyss MC #4) by Harley Wylde

Coming August 2020!
#MCRomance #BikerRomance #ContemporaryRomance #AgeGap
Phoebe – I’ve spent the past year suffering at the hands of the Sadistic Saints. They’ve done vile things to me, made my life a living nightmare. My only bright spot is my daughter, Ember. Until another club arrives. Kraken is different from any man I’ve ever met. He’s more than a decade older than me but I don’t care. He makes me feel so many things, and I never want it to end. He said he’d take me with him, claim me as his own. I know the Sadistic Saints will never let me go but I’ll risk it all to be with Kraken.

Kraken – The Pres sent us to the Sadistic Saints for a deal, and I d*mn well knew sh*t would go sideways. Never counted on finding a single mom trapped in a life she never asked for. Taking her with me means war, but there’s no f*cking way I’ll walk out of there without her. Phoebe is mine, so is her daughter Ember, and I’ll protect them with my life. I didn’t become the Sergeant-at-Arms for my club by being a pushover. I’ll spill as much blood as I deem necessary to protect my family, but no one will take them from me.

WARNING: Kraken contains graphic sex and violence, bad language, and a young woman who has been physically and sexually abused. But there is no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.
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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Salvation's Bane MC2: Beast....NSFW!!!

So, yeah. :) Been giving Beast a final look and thought I'd share a nice, sweet, little love scene. *wicked grin*

Salvation's Bane MC2: Beast
by Marteeka Karland

She arched her back, offering herself to him again. Again, he bit down on her nipple. “Beast!”

“That’s it, baby. You like it rough, don’t you?”

“More! Give me more!”

He continued to kiss, nip, and suck every inch of Fleur’s skin he could manage. She’d have little marks all over her body before he was done. There would be no doubt who she’d had in her bed. Beast intended for everyone in the fucking club to know it had been him.

Finally, when he could wait no longer to taste her, Beast shoved her up the bed and settled himself between her legs. She tried to urge him back up her body, but he was having none of it.

“I’ll fuck you when I’m good and Goddamned ready. Not a second before, Fleur. You’re mine to do with as I please!”

“Bastard!” she shouted. “I need you to fuck me!”

“And I need to eat this beautiful, wet little pussy. Guess which one of us is gonna win that battle, Sunshine?” She screamed at the same time he snarled before covering her pussy with his mouth in a tight suction.

Every pull, every drop of honey she gave him was like a drug. Beast doubted he’d ever get enough of her. He loved every single sound she made, the way her body broke out in a sweat when he turned her on, the way she responded to every single thing he did to her. This was… heaven. Beast had never known he was missing so much. Sex had always been good, but nothing like this.

Fleur’s cries grew louder and louder, her body tensing beneath his. Beast thrust one finger deep within her, and she screamed, thrusting her pelvis at him.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Beast!”

“You like that?”


“Want my cock?”

“So much!”


Beast had all he could stand. He was taking her hard and fast, not giving her a chance to change her mind. His next thought was to just plunge into her and worry about it later, but he couldn’t do that. Even though every second pained him, Beast crawled up her body and reached for the nightstand drawer to pull out a condom. He hadn’t intended to use one, but he just couldn’t do it without having a serious discussion with her first. Once he went inside her bare, he never intended to have anything separating them again.

Rolling the condom took precious seconds he didn’t want to waste, but finally, he was ready. Bracing himself on stiffened arms above Fleur, Beast found her entrance with the tip of his cock and thrust hard.

She was impossibly tight! He tried to halt his movements. Give her time to adjust. But Fleur was having none of it.

“Goddammit, Beast! MOVE!”

“Fuck! I don’t want to hurt you, Sunshine.”

“Fuck it,” she bit out and shoved at him. Beast was afraid he was hurting her, cutting off her air or something, but when he pushed up, she heaved. He rolled to his back. The next thing he knew, Fleur was straddling his hips and impaling herself on his length.

“God! Fuck!” Beast gripped her hips, trying to slow her movements, but she was persistent, slapping his hands away.

Then he looked up at her.

She looked… magnificent


Friday, January 3, 2020

Bones MC: Viper -- EXCERPT

Darcy took the beer he handed her, took a pull, then grimaced. Girl didn’t like beer so well. “Got some clothes for you. Women got together before we got here and bought you some stuff. Angel wanted everything but the underwear washed before you put it on, even though it was all brand new. Something about the dyes being bad for delicate skin. Said the underwear was different because it was… I don’t know,” he searched for the right phrasing when he didn’t understand it himself.

“Because it’s underwear?” Darcy grinned. “She’s right about that. I have to get underwear out of a pack before I wear it. Anything else is just gross.” The woman had such a beautiful smile that revealed the most intriguing dimples.

“Yeah,” he said, answering her grin with one of his own. “When I think of it that way, I guess I understand what they meant.” He cleared his throat. Was he actually nervous around a woman? What the fuck? “There’s also toiletries and other things for you. Got ‘em in your room.”

She blinked. “I have a room?”

He wanted to answer, “Yeah. Same as my room,” as he dragged her to his room but refrained. On both counts. “Thought I’d show you and give you the grand tour.” He held out a hand to her. She looked hesitant but took his hand anyway. Probably an automatic reaction on her part. Didn’t matter. Viper didn’t relinquish her hand.

“I would definitely like to change,” she admitted. “And take a good shower. I still feel a bit grimy.”

“I was kidding, you know.” Viper knew he was acting completely out of character, but he seemed unable to get it together.


“You didn’t stink.”

There was a silence before she ducked her head and giggled. “You’re so full of shit.”

“Come on,” he growled as he pulled her deeper into the clubhouse. “Club officers have rooms on the top level. Club girls who stay here are on the second floor. Everyone else is on the ground floor.” He kept her hand as he took her up the stairs and about halfway down the hall. Then Viper handed her a key and nodded to the door. “You’ll stay here until you and Data work something out. Like all the other women, Mama and Pops, and the kids, being on the middle floor puts you between the club members. Offers a double layer of protection.”

“Protection? I need protection?”

Viper shrugged. “This is an active MC. What we do is mostly legal, but we’ve made enemies over the years. Currently, there’s a club in Nashville and one in Lake Worth, Florida, we’re keepin’ an eye on. Don’t think they’re an active threat. More like enemies watchin’ each other. But we don’t take chances with our women.”

That little tidbit of information raised Darcy’s eyebrows. “Almost seems like you’re using it as an excuse to make sure your women don’t leave without permission.” She opened the door and stepped inside. Viper followed right on her heels. It made her uncomfortable, but not necessarily in a bad way. Darcy liked the heat of him at her back.

“Won’t deny we like knowin’ who’s here and who’s gone, but it really is for protection. Club was attacked a few months ago. Anyone livin’ here, we protect. Keepin’ the women and children between us is the best way to do that.”

He shut the door and pulled her to him, all Data’s warnings and his own good intentions going out the door the second she was mashed against him. Kissing her was imperative. And, sweet Jesus, she was delicious!

Viper swept his tongue inside at her first gasp, taking what he needed before she pushed him away. Or slapped him. He wasn’t sure which he was hoping for because the fiery temper she showed on occasion turned him on something fierce. To his surprise -- and delight -- she did neither. Her hands landed on his shoulders lightly, and she was completely still for several moments as if stunned. Then she moaned, melting against him, meeting his kisses with some of her own.

There was no containing his growl as Viper continued to kiss her. Darcy clung sweetly to him, her little nails digging into his shoulders, holding him to her. He was playing a dangerous game. It wasn’t Data, but Darcy he was worried about. She might be a capable, tough woman, but Data was right. She couldn’t handle him. Data knew it, even if he didn’t yet know his daughter. Hell, what man would want his daughter involved with a man like Viper? He’d been a Marine. Force Recon. He’d been dropped in the most dangerous of situations, done what he had to do, then disappeared without a trace. He wasn’t a kind and gentle man. Viper was the Devil himself when he needed to be. And he always had his brothers’ backs. Even at the expense of his own family. Hell, Bones, his biker brothers, were his family. At least, the only family who mattered. How could he explain that to Darcy? How could he explain it to Data? His brother was right. She deserved better than him.

He ended the kiss as quickly as he’d started it, pushing her away from him like she should have done in the first damned place. First thing he intended to make sure Data taught Darcy was self-preservation.

“There,” he said flippantly. “Been wantin’ to do that since you got me in the privates.” He grinned at her, trying to pull himself away from her emotionally when everything inside him was screaming for him to make her his. “Consider that a lesson in what happens when you fuck with badass bikers.”

The second he uttered the words, Viper regretted them. Darcy’s face went from beautifully dazed with lust to confused to hurt in the space of about three seconds. Then she just shut down.

“Well. Lesson learned, I guess. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to change into something more fitting the weather.” She crossed to the door and opened it again, leaving no doubt she wanted him gone. It was no more than he deserved. He’d acted on his needs, then tried to backtrack the only way he could, and Darcy had paid the price.


“Now, please,” she said, forestalling anything he might have said by way of apology.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Do you have the Christmas Spirit? Kate Hill does...

Kate Hill Bio:
Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Since 1996, she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas, and novels.
She prefers to blend genres, and she loves horror and a happily ever after, so her books can be a bit unusual. If you're looking for romance with witches, aliens, vampires, angels, demons, shapeshifters and more, there's a good chance you'll find something to your taste in her backlist.
When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and watching horror movies. She also writes under the name Saloni Quinby.

Contact Info:
Author Links:
Twitter for Compelling Beasts:

Why do you write romance?
I write romance because it’s what I love to read. Initially, I started writing romance because I wasn’t finding enough action and horror elements in the romances that were popular when I was younger. Now it’s easier to find action and blood and guts in romance.
What makes a great romance hero?
My favorite type of hero is actually the antihero or a villain turned hero. I love heroes with flaws--ones who aren’t perfect, golden heroes.
What is your favorite book?
That’s hard to answer because there are so many great books. If I had to narrow it down, it would be a tie between the Three Musketeers and the Phantom of the Opera.
What was the hardest part about writing Spirits of Christmas?
The hardest part was writing a hero who constantly lived with fear. Lots of romance heroes have moments of fear or find themselves in frightening situations, but Joel has been dealing with deep fear since childhood. Though he has gone to extremes to prove himself fearless, he still must cope with a lot of terror resulting from childhood trauma.
What made Christa fun to write?
Christa is a self-confidant woman with a good sense of humor. She has a lot of compassion for others, even when she’s dealing with issues of her own. Also she’s not afraid to enjoy herself.
What did you use for inspiration when writing Spirits of Christmas?
I listened to a lot of Christmas music when I wrote the first draft. I also thought about what family and friends enjoy about the holidays and included some of their favorites into the story.

by Kate Hill

(Erotic Paranormal, Holiday)


On Christmas Eve twenty-five years ago, a brutal murder was committed at the house where Christa Wild works as a live-in maid. When the other servants leave for the holiday this year she stays behind, hoping that any spirits dwelling there will help her regain the psychic power she lost. She’s surprised when the intriguing but disturbed owner of the house appears several days before Christmas.

Action star Joel Connor has kept a terrible secret for most of his life. Despite his success as an athlete and actor, he is plagued by flashbacks of a gruesome attack that destroyed his family. This Christmas, Joel returns to the house where it happened to face the ghosts of the past, but finds he is not alone.

Joel and Christa are instantly attracted, but will his psychological state prevent them from finding peace and love?

Excerpt 1 (693 words):

In the kitchen down the hall, Christa took her phone out of her pocket, placed it on the counter, and turned on her favorite music app. She selected her Christmas play list and soon she was singing along with carols while mixing cookie dough.

Before long, she had a batch in the oven. The scent of warm chocolate filled the kitchen. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply.

“Mmm. Can’t wait for those to be finished, but in the meantime --” She sat at the table, pulled out her red glitter pen, and wrote notes in her Christmas cards. She’d mail them tomorrow and her family should get them in time for the holiday.

What was that?

She looked up from her cards, paused her music, and strained to listen. Had that been a car door closing?

“You’re getting paranoid, Christa. Get a grip, girl.”

Even if there was a car thief, in this neighborhood they wouldn’t go for her little economy car, but one of the pricey ones parked in front of the other huge houses down the street.

She nearly resumed the music app, but something didn’t feel right. Instead, she pocketed her phone, reached for the nearby frying pan, and stood. On her way to the foyer, her heart pounded. Was this how it happened to those poor people all those years ago? Had they heard their killer approach, or had he taken them totally by surprise?

The key turned in the door. Christa furrowed her brow. Only other members of staff had a key. Someone must have forgotten something and returned for it.

“Hello?” Christa tried to sound firm. “Who’s there? I’m warning you, I’m armed.”

“Then I’m calling the cops, because you’re trespassing on my property.”

That calm, precise male voice wasn’t familiar to Christa, yet for some strange reason, she recognized it. She had never met the owner of the house, but she knew that he neither lived in nor rented it. Was it possible that he had decided to visit today? If so, he probably hadn’t expected any servants to be here. They were supposed to be on Christmas vacation.

“How do I know you’re the owner?”

The door burst open, slamming into Christa and knocking her onto the wooden floor. She landed, her scream turning to a grunt. Her frying pan flew from her hand and landed out of reach. Cold wind and snow swirled around the slim man in a black coat and gloves who stood over her. Ice crystals covered his sleek, dark hair. A fierce expression on his angular face, he glanced around the foyer. Blue-gray eyes, like slivers of crystal, glanced from Christa to the frying pan. Not only did he sound familiar, but he looked familiar, too.

“Is that your weapon?” He didn’t smile, but she sensed his amusement. “I think if I were in the kitchen, I’d have picked up a knife instead, but whatever.” He held up his keys. “Like I said, I own the house. What’s your excuse for being here?”

“I work here.”

He raised a groomed eyebrow. “Oh, really? Then why aren’t you on vacation with the rest of the staff?”

“I --”

“Are you responsible for these atrocious decorations?” He strode past her to glance in the living room.

“I’m sorry. I thought I’d be alone here.”

“So did I,” he murmured before pulling out his cell phone and taking her picture.

“What the hell are you doing?”
He held up a finger for silence while he made a call. “Frank, yes. It’s Joel. The picture I just sent. Does that girl work here?”

“That’s a good idea.” Christa pulled out her cell, took his photo, and texted it to Frank -- the butler in charge of the house -- along with a note asking for confirmation of the man’s identity.

“You don’t know me?” A smile flirted with his slim lips.

She lifted her chin. “Why should I know you? I’ve worked here a month and have never met the owner of the house.”

“Do you ever go to the movies?”

Christa curled her lip. “Are you asking for a date? Now?”


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Enjoying Bones MC? Be on the look out for Bones MC 3: Sword...

Magenta: The day my mom took up with Black Reign was the worst day of my life. She became ol’lady for their president. I became another whore for the club to push around. To hurt. And they all loved to hurt me. Especially Handlebar. I didn’t conform, didn’t obey like they thought I should. I fought them at every turn because death was preferable to living this life. Beaten, downtrodden, I was about to be given to yet another man. This one, however, was the scariest man I’d ever seen. He was intent on having me on his own turf and I wasn’t sure I would survive.

Sword: The second I saw the slight young thing being beaten by that ogre of a man, something inside me I’d thought leashed broke free. A demon better left in check reared his head and I knew she would be mine no matter what. I got her, but she came with bigger problems than I was prepared to deal with. Not that it mattered. I’m Bones MC. We don’t give up and we protect our own. Even against The Devil himself…

***WARING!*** Bones MC has no pussies. These men are rough around the edges and fight as hard as they love. You can expect violence -- some that may have triggers -- and smoking hot sex. If either is something you object to, you should pass. Otherwise, expect a HEA and a man who always satisfies his woman.


She was in Sword’s arms. In a ridiculously small bed. Fully clothed in his shirt and sweatpants. At some point, she’d sprawled out on top of him, her hair tangling them together like silk bindings. One of his big hands rubbed soothingly up and down her back in comfort. That hand seemed to span the entire width of her back as he moved it over her skin lazily.
Magenta remembered him sliding into the bed with her, wrapping her up in his arms as they’d talked. Their conversation spun through her mind like a carousel. Did she believe everything he’d told her? She wanted to. Though she knew better, Magenta decided she’d believe him until he misplaced her trust. Didn’t mean she’d do it blindly though. Maybe she should lay it all out for him.
“You’re fine, girl,” he murmured sleepily. “We got an hour before we need to get up.”
“You know, if you’re trying to make me give up information on Black Reign, I’m more than happy to do it without you making me empty promises. Just promise you won’t make me go back, and I’ll tell you everything I know. That’s the only promise I want or need.”
He sighed, as if disappointed. “I just want another hour,” he grumbled. “Fine. Magenta, I promise I won’t make you go back. Think I said that earlier. Now, go back to sleep. You can spill it all later.”
“You’re kind of a grumpy bear when you wake up, aren’t you?”
Again, he grunted, but tightened his arms around her.
“What are you going to do? You left a man in the clubhouse so you can’t just blaze.”
With an exasperated grunt, Sword rolled them both, maneuvering so that he lay sprawled on top of her, his arms still wrapped around her. He nuzzled her neck, his lips grazing her skin in a soft caress. “Hush now. I need this last hour.” He didn’t stop moving his mouth over her neck.
“Stop,” she whispered, even as she lifted her chin and tilted her head to give him better access. What was wrong with her? Was she going to let him take advantage of her? God, her body had suddenly come alive! Shivers coursed through her, and she realized that, for the first time in her life, she was welcoming a man’s touch.
“I will if you want,” Sword said, even as he licked her flesh with one swipe of his flattened tongue. “Seems like you don’t know what you want. You didn’t push me away. Instead, if I’m not mistaken, your little nails are diggin’ into my back like you’re trying to hold me to you.” He sounded drowsy. Sexy. Like he was her lover waking her for morning sex.
“I -- I don’t know…”
“It’s OK,” he said between nips and scrapes of his teeth. “I’m not gonna take too big a bite out of you. At least not here or now.” He let his lips wander from her neck to her collarbone and back, never venturing into forbidden territory but arousing her like she’d never been before. “When we go to confront Black Reign, you’re staying here with Trucker.”
“You’ll need every man you have,” she breathed out, scarcely able to form a coherent thought beyond the fact that she wanted to cradle his head and push him to her aching breasts. “Crow will annihilate you if you don’t. In fact, call in help. He’s trying to lull you into a false sense of security before he springs whatever trap he has ready.”
“I promise you, the four men we’re takin’ into that clubhouse will be better equipped to deal with that entire club than Crow will be to deal with the four of us. But, you’re right. We called in reinforcements last night. There will be some friends of ours coming to help. Should be here in a little over an hour.” He shifted his weight off her just a little, just enough for her not to feel trapped. Then he laid his head on her chest and kissed the swell of her breast. “So I’d like to get my…” he raised his head to look back over his shoulder at the clock on the wall next to them, “fifty-four minutes.”
“Yeah. So would me and Viper.”
“If you guys need to get a room, you should have said something instead of staying out all fuckin’ night ridin’.”
“You two shut the fuck up. I’m determined to get my ‘fifty-four minutes’.”
“Fifty-three now, bro. Shut up your own damned self.”
Magenta didn’t know what to think or say. Lying with Sword like this was too intimate for strangers, but, strangely, not uncomfortable. All kinds of things went through her mind. Like if the others expected him to have sex with her right there. Did he expect that? If she gave in and embraced the sensations he kindled, would he humiliate her like Black Reign did? And what about Trucker? If everyone thought she’d given in to Sword, would they expect her to service them as well?
“Just relax,” Sword whispered. “No one is gonna hurt you.”
“You keep saying that.”
“You need to hear it.”
“Does me hearing it make it any truer than if you never said it?”
There was a long silence, and Magenta thought he’d dozed off. Then he lifted his face and kissed her throat, blazing a hot trail to her lips where he lingered a moment before pushing off her and getting to his feet. “I’ll wake you before we leave,” he whispered. “Get some more sleep. It will be a long ride home.”
With that, he hopped up onto the bunk above her. Immediately, Magenta felt his rejection like a brutal punch. Realistically, she knew she couldn’t have it both ways. She either wanted his touch or she didn’t. She was scared. Had voiced her reservations about how safe she was with him. He’d responded with the only option open to him.

Want more of Bones MC? Enjoy the first two books while waiting for Sword!